Adult Driving Program

Sure Pass Driving School is committed to new adult drivers, those who for the first time after the age of 18 have the privilege to drive, are welcome and we are very excited to help you.


Our school provides different packages. Each package is divided into lessons of 2 hours each. We will help you understand the importance of obeying rules of the road, establish good driving habits, accident avoidance, and finally help you pass the drive test at the DMV.


In our classes we'll cover residential driving, parking lot driving, bad weather driving, freeway driving, canyon driving, defensive driving and night driving, as well as u turns, parallel parking, backing up and more.


At Surepass all adults could use their last session for the DMV test.At this two or three hour session (depends on distance of DMV) the instructor will brush you up for the drive test, and the student will use our vehicle to take the test with the DMV examiner.This process takes about 2 hours if the student pick up and drop off location is in the same city where the DMV is, and will take 3 hours or more if the pick up and drop off location and the DMV are in different Cities.


If you are interested in our program please call our office and schedule your first appointment.