(SURE PASS DRIVING SCHOOL does not influence or in any case guarantee the passing of any DMV test for any student.)

This contract is valid for 18 months for Drivers Ed. Students, and 12 months for Driver Training students from the date of sign up. A $40 fee for 30 days extension will apply if the student fails to complete within the time limit. (It is your responsibility to schedule your sessions within the time limit required. Please give yourself extra time ahead before scheduling your last session, so you won't exceed the time limit). NO REFUNDS for expired contracts.

Cancellation Policy: we ask that you make every effort to keep your appointments as scheduled. If for any unforeseen reason you would like to cancel.
A 24-hour advance notice is necessary for Tuesday through Saturday appointments and a 48- hour advance notice is required for Sundays, Mondays and any days that fall after a holiday . A cancellation fee of $40 will be assessed if canceled late.

Return Check Fee is $30, and returned checks will not be deposited again in the school's account. Cash, money order, or cashier check will be accepted to replace a returned check.

Early Termination Policy: If for any reason the student decides to discontinue his/ her enrollment with our school, a $40 fee will be charged Plus fees for the lessons taken as a regular price( without the package deal discount )Plus $30 administrative fee for each certificate issued.

Certificate Replacement Policy: The school is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged certificates (Every student will be issued a certificate of completion immediately after the completion of his / her 3rd session of driver training. A $30 administrative fee will be charged for certificate replacement. Promotional Package Deals: Deals should be executed as agreed upon. If for any reason the student decides to discontinue his/her Promotional Package Deal, he/she will be responsible for the remaining balance as a regular price.

(All students are not allowed to drive the SURE PASS driving school car after a DMV drive test)

I hereby state that I have reviewed and understood the above regarding myself or my (Son/Daughter) training with SURE PASS DRIVING SCHOOL